OK Aurora

' Rod Oughton's sparkling octet ... the most exciting thing I've heard for ages. ' Jazz Journal Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rod Oughton leads the octet OK Aurora, which takes its inspiration from artists such as Steely Dan and Becca Stevens, creating a fusion of contemporary jazz and popular music. Expect anything from simple folk songs to abstract improvisation and changing metres.

Ubuntu Music signed the jazz-meets-pop ensemble for the release of their album Only in Autumn in August 2021. The title track was released as a single in June 2021 and is available on various music platforms click here to listen Two more singles have followed: Thomasito and The Limit.

The band’s first EP Baby Zeza was released on Bandcamp in 2019. It features tracks Baby Zeza, 100 Secrets and Nothing's Like a New Love.


  • Rod Oughton - Leader, Composer, Drums, Vocals

  • Alina Miroshnichenko - Vocals

  • Alexandra Ridout - Trumpet

  • Ronan Perrett - Alto Sax

  • Dan Smith - Tenor Sax

  • Jacky Naylor - Piano

  • Billy Marrows - Guitar

  • Pete Komor - Bass

Only in Autumn, recorded at Giant Wafer Studios (from the album session).

Thomasito, recorded at Giant Wafer Studios (from the album session).

The Limit, (Official Music Video) from the album 'Only in Autumn', recorded at Giant Wafer Studios .

Coming Home, recorded at Soup Studios, London.

OK Aurora's Bittersweet, filmed and edited by band leader Rod Oughton during lockdown (social distancing meant his co-star had to be a mop!).

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